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“Yeah, I know I ain’t nobody’s bargain — But, hell, a little touch-up and a little paint” — Bruce Springsteen


Episode 2: Nancy

Whitney Way Thore — photo may be subject to copyright


Nancy’s profile state that she was a “curvy” woman.

In dating app speak, that meant she was a larger girl. As I mentioned in Episode 1, that stuff didn’t really matter. I was beginning to date, and I was really looking for a connection. Besides, my in-app chatting with Nancy had been fun. She sounded like she had a great sense of humor, and I laughed a lot as we went back and forth as we connected over pinball.

I threw a playful gauntlet down by challenging her to a game. …


Rookie — Rookie (2020)

Rookie — Rookie (Bloodshot Records)

Chicago-based independent label, Bloodshot Records, is peerless when it comes to having some of the best independent artists.

Rookie — a roots-rock band that is the perfect soundtrack for casual Frisbee lovers …and for hotboxing in your car just beforehand — is one of those artists.

Imagine if Richard Linklater’s brilliant ode to 1970s suburbia, Dazed and Confused wasn’t a movie, but an actual sound …that’s what Rookie sounds like.

The Chicago sextet’s debut album is …wait for it …alright, alright, alright.

Rookie blends historical rock in the same way a Jackson Pollack painting blends colors. …


May 2 — Van Halen — Women and Children First (1980)

Van Halen circa 1980

So we just wrapped the inaugural Album of the Month Club Zoom meeting. It was a great discussion that covered a lot of ground.

Thanks to Noah Levy, Terry Barr, Stanley Clark, Alexander Briseño!


Episode 1: Maya

Photo by Timothy Barlin on Unsplash


Maya seemed cool enough.

I was dipping my toes in the dating water, so I wasn’t asking for much. She was within my age demo, had some tattoos, an advanced degree, and liked music. That was enough to start.

Her pictures didn’t portray her as drop-dead gorgeous, but she was far from unattractive. The fact was I had been with all kinds of women in my dating life, and at this point, I was looking for a connection. Any type of connection. Sure looks mattered to me, but they weren’t that much of a priority.

So Maya wasn’t drop-dead gorgeous…


This Sunday, May 2, 7pm ET, details below.

Photo by Lee Campbell on Unsplash



This Sunday, May 2 at 7pm ET join us all for the inaugural Album of the Month Club.


If you can’t get into the Zoom meeting on the above, CLICK HERE

NOTE: This will be audio. Feel free to use your video, but it’s not necessary.


So fellow Riff community folks, come join us for the ultimate riff-master Edward Van Halen. On this inaugural episode, we’ll discuss the mighty VH’s third album, Women and Children First.

Dolly Parton (photo may be subject to copyright)

A true rock-n-roll story in 100 words.


What do you say?

Vinyl albums (may be subject to copyright)

This idea came to me from a friend of a friend. I’m certain there are plenty of these but why not create one here for us on The Riff?

The idea is this:

  • Someone picks an album (one per month, hence the name).
  • On the day and time of the meet, that person would then give some background on the album, maybe cultural events that may or may not have influenced it. Think WIKI.
  • A discussion begins with thoughts about the album and the songs (I must admit I have never been part of a book club, so I don’t…


Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul — Men Without Women — 1982

Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul — Men Without Women

Now, everyone is well aware of who Steven Van Zandt (Little Steven, Miami Steve Van Zandt) is.

Thanks to his decades-long career in music, serving as rabble-rousing counterpart to Bruce Springsteen’s “The Boss” in The E Street Band, and of course, as Tony Soprano’s consigliere, Silvio Dante’, from HBO’s iconic The Sopranos. He may not be a household name, but he is a recognizable face.

It’s worth noting that Little Steven also:

  • Starred, co-wrote, and was the executive producer Lilyhammer. The first original Netflix series produced in collaboration with Norwegian broadcaster NRK. …

Paul Simon — Graceland (Warner Bros. Records)

A true rock-n-roll story in 100 Words.

Derek and the Dominoes — copyright Atlantic Records

A true rock-n-roll story in 100 words.

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