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“You get the feeling that it’s a lot of oysters, but no pearls.” - Counting Crows


Elton John — 17–11–70

To roughly two generations now, Elton John is probably considered the flamboyant aging musician on his perennial last tour.

The part that is slowly slipping into the shadows is just how much of a bad ass he was.

If you need evidence, I would encourage the curious to drop the…


The Silos — The Silos — 1990

The Silos
The Silos

This album is also known as “the one with the bird on the cover”…for apparent reasons.

But before the genre had a name, be it No Depression or Alt-Country, or whatever you want to call it, there were The Silos.

The band, built around Walter…

Modern Love

Episode 5 — Liza


I met Liza through a friend from work, Nicole.

It was a rainy St. Patrick’s Day in New York City, and me and some colleagues had gone out after work. It wasn’t the type of torrential downpour; it was just drizzling, and for the holiday, it was pretty quiet. …

Live Music

Hammerstein Ballroom — October 5, 2021

I don't quite understand why so many people malign Counting Crows. It's been like this since they came out with "Mr. Jones" off the T-Bone Burnett produced August and Everything After in 1993.

In 1993, maybe it was jealousy because they seemed to come out of nowhere, fill in for…

Music Playlist

For her. Wherever she may be.

The funny thing about love, relationships, lovers, whatever word you want to use, is this — no matter the circumstances, everything is better when you’re with THAT person. That’s the person, no matter the circumstances, always on your mind.

Picture the best thing you can imagine for yourself, whatever it…

Rock and Roll

Broken Homes — Self-Titled Debut — 1986

I have intimated that Rob Janicke and me have been cooking something up — here’s what I’m willing to concede at this point: it’s around this album.

This is an album you won’t find on any streaming service. …


Something About You

While I have gone into relative radio silence over the past couple of weeks, it’s only because I and fellow Riff Raconteur Rob Janicke have been in the laboratory (pronounced the British way as “lah-BORE-atory”) cooking up something spectacular (we’re hoping) — stay tuned!

Spanning the years 1979 (The Clash)…

Keith R. Higgons

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