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“You get the feeling that it’s a lot of oysters, but no pearls.” - Counting Crows


Episode 1 — Amy

After my last series, The Online Dating Chronicles, I thought it might be interesting to look back on some of my more memorable break-ups.

Earlier this week, I created and wrote about a playlist of songs from soundtracks:

The great Kevin Alexander dropped a comment mentioning “I Can Dream About You” by Dan Hartman from the Streets of Fire soundtrack.

This song whacked me over the head and reminded me of one particular romance that had gone south.

I Can Dream About You

As a single middle-aged man who has never married, I have more than one or two break-ups to reflect on. …


Music is Life

If you’re watching Ted Lasso, then you know “football is life!”

Well, if you’re a music fan, music is life.

Music has the ability to capture certain moments in time and freeze them. It’s what makes their use in cinema so important. The right song, or music, in the right scene in the right movie can heighten the tension.

If you’ve seen The Godfather, no matter where you are, if you hear anything from Nino Rota’s haunting soundtrack, images from The Godfather will flood your psyche.

The same holds true for the Simple Minds track, “Don’t You (Forget About Me).”…


John Cougar Mellencamp — Scarecrow (1985)

After a successful tour in support of the Multi-platinum Uh-huh, John Mellencamp returned home in 1985 to plan for a follow-up.

After a successful first term in the White House, Ronald Reagan was sworn in for a second term in January of 1985.

John Mellencamp walked into his Belmont, Indiana recording studio in March of 1985, watching the farm community he grew up in move closer to complete collapse.

Ronald Reagan returned to the White House, with his chest puffed out and a big smile as he reflected at the “successes” of his first term, including the implosion of the…


Episode 8 — Katie


Have you ever dated someone you shouldn’t have been dating? Not because of any societal reason or something silly like that. Just someone you knew you should …not …be …dating.

I have.
Katie was one of them.
Naturally, according to the rules of shitty decisions, I would go continue to date her.

After some back and forth on the app, I asked her if she wanted to have lunch. Much to my surprise, she didn’t disappear. She said: “Yes, but I want to talk to you first.”
“So I know what you sound like. …


I was standing in the shower thinking …

  • I saw this as a Meme, and it made me laugh — “What if UFOs are just billionaires from another planet?”
  • These January 6 congressional meetings — what does anyone really think something is gonna come out of this? — asking for a friend.
  • What good ever goes on in a basement? Aside from being the main flood point for a home, think about all the things you may have done in a basement when you were younger. I’ll cop to the majority of things that I’ve done in a basement were more than likely illegal at the time. …


I Can’t Sleep

I can’t sleep for shit.
Never really could.

The only recurring dream I’ve ever had in my life occurred when I was very young. The dream was that I would wake up and the house would be empty. I would then run down the stairs to the front door, open it and a figure would be there, tall, in a brown trench coat, and the figure would turn around …and then I would wake up screaming.

I can still see that dream vividly.
I was six-years-old then.
I am no longer six-years-old.

I’m not really sure what that dream means…


Episode 7: The Origin Story ->Today


Throughout my adult life, I had always had periods of celibacy. To be clear, these were not “droughts,” as some people call them. Most of the time, I made a conscious decision not to date, so these periods of time would fall under the umbrella (‘ella ‘ella ‘ella) of self-imposed.

I’d been single for about two years when I moved back to New York City. And after getting settled and acclimated with a job, I decided two years was a long enough period to be in exile.

Time to get back on the horse…



If you were born post-Napster and only a cursory music fan, you might not have any idea WTF I am talking about with a B Side.

A side > B side

If you were born in the ’90s or early aughts, you might have heard the term but probably don’t care.

And if you were born prior to those periods, your interest is probably varied, depending on age, but you’re probably at least familiar with it.

If you purchased a 45 single, it was almost always for the A-side. Maybe you’d flip it over a couple of times to play…

TV Show

A middle-aged man comes face to face with the two things he fears most — maturity and mortality.

Nontraditional is a show I created. What follows are two pieces of material created in conjunction with it:

  1. The pitch deck.
  2. The script. (link)

I worked with a company called Open Gate Entertainment on creating some of the material. I originally had the script and had entered it in several screenwriting festivals. It was recognized a few times, but the Nontraditional pilot script never won the top prize. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

While I’m relatively sure Open Gate is a straight-up hustle, they worked with me to create material like the pitch deck below. I’m told this stuff…


Episode 6: Leah


This isn’t technically a dating app story, BUT there is a digital component in that I met Leah around an online film festival.

Remember Debbie from episode 5? While she was pilfering beers from me, she mentioned that she was involved in a filmmaking festival. It was a festival where you have a weekend to write, cast, shoot, edit, and score a short film. She had read a couple of my plays and encouraged me to get involved.

I had done 24-hour play festivals before and always had a good time and met some great people. …

Keith R. Higgons

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