Episode 11 — March 30, 2022

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You know when you’ve eaten a meal and instantly knew you had to go back for seconds? The same can be said for discussing music with Eric Beetner of Go! Dog! Go! and Build Your Own Monster, so that’s exactly what we did.

In order for there to be “seconds”, there must have been a “first”. Luckily, we have that for you. Keith R. Higgons and me, (Rob Janicke) interviewed Eric to discuss all things Go! Dog! Go! here and it was a blast.

Part II delves into Eric’s second band, Build Your Own Monster. Musically, both bands have Eric’s sonic stamp on them, but BYOM delivers a bit of an updated sound, a new bass player, and pulls a few more of the band’s influences into the mix.

Released in 2000, Build Your Own Monster’s debut (and only) album, Giant-Sized Wonderment picks up, sort of, where Go! Dog! Go! left off.

The aggressive, post-hardcore stylings are there, along with the punk sensibilities of bands like Fugazi and Quicksand. Giant-Sized Wonderment though finds a way to weave in hints of Husker Du, Nirvana, and At The Drive-In.

Talking with Eric was fun, insightful, and really shined a light on the difficulties of the business side of record labels, poor marketing, touring, and a lot more.

There are lessons to be learned for anyone signing deals and allowing other people to make decisions for their bands.

Part II also has Eric flipping the script a bit by asking the hosts a few questions of his own…see how we did.

Eric tells some great stories here. One of my favorites is when he describes Build Your Own Monster’s opening slot supporting Incubus. You don’t want to miss that!

Catch Part II of our discussion with Eric below or anywhere you get your podcasts.




Writer & Podcaster — Abandoned Albums

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Keith R. Higgons

Keith R. Higgons

Writer & Podcaster — Abandoned Albums

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