Hi, thank you for sharing. I struggle a little with the word “benefit”. While I am vigorously pro-choice, I’m not sure I see much benefit to abortion. I get what you’re saying, I really do. I guess it’s just an odd word choice for me. Having been down this road myself, I do feel it is a two way street and it is (should be) a dialog, BUT at the end of the day it is a woman’s choice and our role as a man is to stand beside her no matter what decision she makes. Regardless of whether or not we agree with it (I did not). It’s not a “macho” thing or a “man” thing, it’s just a human thing and the right thing. And this is a topic that I’ve toyed with writing about too because it was painful for me, but where is my pain compared to hers? Am I even allowed to feel it or as a man are we just supposed to feel relief? Thanks again for sharing.

“Yeah, I know I ain’t nobody’s bargain — But, hell, a little touch-up and a little paint” — Bruce Springsteen

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