Hi, thanks for reading and taking the time to drop a note. I read your stories. I hate to say it, but there is some good stuff there! I laughed more than once…and it feels bad laughing at someone else’s expense…so, sorry.

I had drinks with one woman who had four children. Fine. Whatever. But they were aged 14 to 8. I don’t have kids, never been married. I have a dog and a cat. What on earth could I possibly contribute besides an appendage? There is a REASON I don’t have children. Someday I’ll recount how one relationship ended because she wanted children and I didn’t (and don’t).

Is it wrong to just want that simple ping of “Oh, now who is that woman?” and then maybe it goes somewhere. I just don’t get the from these things. And the few times I HAVE met someone, I most certainly did not have that “ping”.

I signed up for a few things on Meetup but I just have never gone. And I don’t have a real reason. I have loads of excuses. :) At least those people are in my demographic.

Oh, I could prattle endlessly about this stuff. Again, thanks for reading and dropping a note. I appreciate it.


“Yeah, I know I ain’t nobody’s bargain — But, hell, a little touch-up and a little paint” — Bruce Springsteen

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