I don’t have children and I don’t particularly want them, but that is not the reason for the note.

What you describe is f’d up beyond all sense of reason. I know this because I think I may have been one of those kids. I distinctly remember being locked in the bathroom in kindergarten (the 70’s equivalent of a quiet room I guess). What the infraction was I don’t know, but based on my memory and what my parents tell me it was probably acting out. To what degree? Not one clue. And all these years later, I remember that f’ing teachers name, Mrs. Fletcher. Still makes my blood boil when I hear about children being locked up. They’re children.

Quiet room? My ass. It’s teachers either being lazy or afraid to try to help a child. Then the child gets pigeonholed as “difficult” (as I was). And that is a stink that never gets washed off. I know. There is so much to unpack, teachers overworked, underpaid, etc. But what doesn’t need unpacking is that you don’t f*cking lock a child up. Period. Quiet room, they can go f*ck themselves.

I mention this only to say, I was a nightmare for my parents. I HATED school. Hated it. So many stories but I made every school year a hell for most people around me. But ultimately, I finished, got the appropriate college receipts to hang on my wall.

My point? Fluck that school. My parents, for all their faults, were never afraid to go toe to toe with the nit wits at whatever school I was at. And believe me, I was in the wrong WAY more than I was in the right. I was a pain in the ass.

Don’t be afraid of confrontation…well, try not to be. If you’re confident in what you’re doing and saying, any confrontation is difficult but it gets easier. I promise. I wish both you and your son (and all your kids) all the best. Good luck.

Quiet room, pffft.

“Yeah, I know I ain’t nobody’s bargain — But, hell, a little touch-up and a little paint” — Bruce Springsteen

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