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Intercepted Podcast Review Update

Keith R. Higgons
2 min readApr 26, 2019


I recently reviewed The Intercept_ podcast Intercepted with Jeremy Scahill. In it, I briefly mention that in one episode they address America’s sketchy history of fucking with Latin America’s politic’s throughout history through military and financial manipulation and ultimately a kind of American corporate rape and pillage.

In the event you are looking for evidence of this behavior, shortly after my review IN_ (The Intercept_’s Spoken Edition) published Secret IDB Proposal Would Give $48 Billion Infusion to Boost Venezuela’s Economy or you can read the article here.

The article details how the IDB — The Inter-American Development Bank (the largest source of development financing for Latin America and the Caribbean) — of which America has 1/3 of the voting power of the 18 voting countries (WILDLY disproportionate), has promised to give this 48 billion dollars to Venezuela . . . ONLY IF THERE IS REGIME CHANGE.

While a long listen, worth your time if interested. You should be. Venezuela has the largest proven oil reserves in the world.

And oh how we do love us our fossil fuels!

In fairness, the IDB did not present the PowerPoint that is discussed here at the conference as the conference was cancelled and The Intercept_ also does not support this story with the actual presentation due to security concerns for the whistleblower. However, you’d be foolish to doubt its accuracy or its existence.

Additionally, Politico ran a profile on The Intercept_ the other day that is pretty fair. Also worth your time.

As we head into the heat of the election cycle, we’re going to hear more and more from The Intercept_. And yea, I know, hard to imagine we have another 18 months in this election cycle (sigh).

Now some may try to paint The Intercept_ as a fringe publication that leans too far left. It’s not and it doesn’t.

Well, okay, maybe it leans a little left, but it’s not a fringe publication.

They’ve made some mistakes and had to eat some crow, which they have. Find me any publication that hasn’t? In the publishing racket, they’re still new (only five years old). How many times has the NYTimes or The Washington Post or (insert your favorite publication here) had to eat crow?

We’ll exclude those publications and news outlets that just brazenly lie. Or in other words, those that interview President Trump or report his ramblings as scripture.

The Intercept_’s work is good and their work is solid. You won’t always agree with it (I don’t) but it’s always good.

As I mentioned in my review, The Intercept_ is similar to Jacobin, so you either agree with this stuff or you don’t. Expect to hear more and more from both, but The Intercept_ is more accessible.



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